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When looking for wood protection products, it is highly valued today that they are clean and environmentally friendly; fact is causing the return of those considered as «lifelong» natural products. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that for protection to exist there must necessarily be some toxic substance, so it is key to find the balance between efficacy and respect for the environment.

Taking into account the characteristics of wood protection products, we can classify them  according to their chemical compounds  as follows:

  • Wood protectors.  They incorporate chemical compounds with insecticidal and / or fungicidal properties.
  • Fire retardants.  They improve the behavior of wood against fire and although many times they are called fire retardant, this is not correct since in the end the wood ends up burning equally even if it takes longer.
  • Exterior wooden surface protectors. They have an effect against atmospheric agents and humidity changes while decorating. Clear examples are varnishes, paints, primers, open pore varnishes, ballasts


It should also be known that there are products on the market that are effective against biological agents and that also improve fire behavior, as well as some that protect outdoor wood including insecticides or fungicides.

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